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Higher Education?

Mike Warnke has made his academic credentials a matter of high profile. His postgraduate education may be plotted in this way:

  1. 1979: Warnke reports he’s working on a master’s in philosophy at Valley Christian University in California, primarily through correspondence courses. “He hopes eventually to obtain a doctorate.”[1]
  2. 1982:On his album Higher Education, Warnke announces he’s completed a master’s program and is working on a Ph.D. in philosophy.[2] When the album is released, CCM magazine reports Warnke has finished his Ph.D. in philosophy to go with two master’s degrees: one in Christian education, the other in theology.[3] Says record company promo: “Mike Warnke has an earned doctorate in philosophy and an honorary one in humor.”[4]
  3. 1983: On a state financial form, Warnke lists his academic credits as: “B. S. biblical studies, B. S. Christian education, M.S. Christian education, and a Ph.D. Divinity–“course work completed; awaiting dissertation.”[5] No “earned doctorate” in philosophy, only one master’s degree.
  4. 1985: On Warnke’s Stuff Happens album, the list goes like this: “I have two bachelor’s degrees, two master’s degrees, and I’m working on a Ph.D. at Assumption College.”[6]
  5. 1988: A Warnke promo sheet reads, “Mike studied counseling and education at Valley Christian University, Clovis, California, where he earned both his Bachelor and Master of Arts. Assumption College, Clovis, California, conferred the honorary Doctor of Theology degree upon him, and he is currently working on a Ph.D. in philosophy at Assumption.”[7] No mention of the 1983 all-but-dissertation Divinity degree, or the second master’s degree.
  6. 1989: One his Do You Hear Me?! video, Warnke says, “I have two bachelor’s degrees. I have two master’s degrees, and a Doctor of Divinity from Antioch University.”[8]

Here is the list of Mike Warnke’s academic credits as we have been able to document them:

  1. 1965: San Bernardino Valley College (a junior college)–one semester.[9]
  2. 1970: Navy Cardiopulmonary School–one-year school, graduated 10/5/70.[10]
  3. 1975:Trinity Bible College (uncredited)–nine-month school, graduated spring ’75. Confirmed by daughter of school president and several students.[11]
  4. 1980: Valley Christian University–awarded bachelor’s degree in counseling on 9/23/80. This school (also known as Assumption College) was a family-run Bible school in Fresno, California. According to Mrs. Murray Norris, wife of the college founder, there is no record that Warnke received any other degree from Valley Christian/Assumption.[12]
  5. Antioch University–the school by this name in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and branches in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara deny Warnke was every a student. None grant doctorates. [13] Interestingly, Warnke’s, Bishop Richard Morrill was connected with an Antioch Christian College in Studio City, California.[14] Bishop Elijah Coady, friend of the late Morrill, thinks Antioch may have been one of several schools Morrill was associated with that existed only on paper. In 1990, Morrill turned Antioch College over to a Dr. G. J. Thompson in Denver, Colorado.[15] When the state of Colorado asked for names of officials in the church body overseeing the school, Thompson responded with a list that included Rev. Dr. R. Morrill, and “the Right Reverend Michael Warnke” of Burgin, Kentucky.[16] Morrill, who consecrated Warnke a bishop, may have also granted Mike his 1989 Doctor of Divinity.
  6. Postcript: On his 1991 marriage license for his fourth marriage, Warnke says he has completed twenty-two years of education.[17]


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