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Ten Easy Steps to Make A Difference, Christians and the Media

  1. Watch television with your children and discuss what you see. What kinds of values are promoted in the programs you watch? How do those values differ from biblical values? If you were to take a typical television problem and resolve it in a biblical way, what would that be?
  2. Check the video store where you rent videos. Do they carry objectionable videos (R, X- rated, or those that mock Christianity)? Politely identify yourself to the owner as a regular renter and then explain to him or her why you would like those videos removed from the store. If the owner refuses, then politely inform the owner that you will no longer rent or buy from that store. If the store does not carry objectionable videos, thank the owner and express your support of good ethics and values.
  3. Listen carefully to your local television news. What values and opinions are being promoted, even though on the surface the news appears to be “objective”?
  4. When your local newspaper covers an event or issue in a way you think is unfair, biased, or against Christian values, write a short, one page letter to the editor expressing your opinion. Be sure to keep to the main point and make a stand for a Christian world view.
  5. When your local newspaper covers an event or issue in a way you think is fair, objective, and supportive of Christian values, write a short, one page letter to the editor thanking the paper for its fair coverage and repeating the valuable main point of the original article.
  6. If you have cable television, watch MTV or VH1 for an hour or so. Look at the way the bands are dressed and how they act. Read their names and the titles of their songs on the screen. Try to decipher their lyrics. What does this tell you about the values, ideas, and goals contemporary music is imparting to our young people? Share your thoughts and ideas for more constructive use of teenagers’ time with a teenager you care about.
  7. Contact your local movie theater. Ask the manager if he is willing to screen X or NC-17 rated movies. If he says yes, register your concerns and your willingness to boycott the theater if he continues to promote objectionable films.
  8. If your local theater has a policy against showing X or NC-17 movies, commend the manager. Let him know you appreciate his refusal to exhibit objectionable films and encourage him to show more G and PG films. Write a short letter to the editor of your local newspaper letting people know.
  9. When you see a movie promoting family, Christian values, or showing positive Christian role models, write the film company, the producer, and the major actors expressing your appreciation for wholesome entertainment. Let them know you support their good work.
  10. When you see a television program that makes fun of Christians or promotes destructive values and ideas, write the station, the producer, and the sponsors expressing your displeasure and your willingness to boycott those who continue to promote destructive entertainment.
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