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Mobile Legends: Adventure Redeem Code for July 2022 – Free MLA Diamonds, CD Key Lists

Hello, my friends! Here you can find Mobile Legends: Adventure Redeem Code for July 2022 – Free MLA Diamonds, CD Key Lists. Below you can find information about the game and then the codes that you are looking for. Thanks for visiting our website!




Game Name Mobile Legends: Adventure (MLA)
Platform Android/ IOS
Publisher Moonton
code type Redeem codes, CD Key
Redeem codes added on July 2022
Benefits Free Diamonds, summons, Skin, cd key, Many rewards
Official redemption website


MLA Codes list (Active) Get Rewards
GU4PRS Redeem for 1000 Diamonds 4th Mirage code (New)
Z9D9A622288 Redeem for 1000 Diamonds, 10 Premium Summon Scrolls, 500 Advance Essence (New)
L2WGN8 Redeem for 300 Diamonds
QR2GYJ Redeem for 300 Diamonds
MLA9453 Redeem for 777 Diamonds, 2 Premium Summon Scrolls, 100k Battle Points
VANOSS415 Redeem for 300 Diamonds
WJDZ7G2227D Redeem for Chest with different sums
WS8DYD22286 Redeem for 500 Diamonds
XMASFUN689 Redeem for 1000 Diamonds and 20 Premium Summon Scrolls
TBBVUA Redeem for 500 Diamonds
KB7LF7 Redeem for 500 Diamonds
DKMEQF2225W Redeem for 500 Diamonds
5TS2JD22262 Redeem for 500 Diamonds
BFU77C22263 Redeem for X Rewards
CGUNBA22264 Redeem for X Rewards
DPW4TB Redeem for 30 Minutes of 2x Experience xp Boost
SZYP34 Redeem for 20 minutes of 2x Experience xp Boost
MBZHQ5 Redeem for 1000 Diamonds
HJPHU222277 Redeem for 500 Diamonds
03PSBH Redeem for 500 Diamonds
CARNIVAL Redeem for X Rewards
6OQGJ7 Redeem for 500 Diamonds
8TKYE8 Redeem for X Rewards
TNEEY822275 Redeem for 500 Diamonds
CUNZJZ22274 Redeem for 500 Diamonds

MLA CD Keys list January 2022

ML Adventure CD Keys Rewards
PTFCPC22289 Free in-game X rewards (New)
K54G8B Free in-game X rewards (New)
MLAISLIT Free in-game X rewards
MBZHQ5 Free in-game X rewards
HJPHU222277 Free in-game X rewards
CUNZJZ22274 Free in-game X rewards
TNEEY822275 Free in-game X rewards
6OQGJ7 Free in-game X rewards
8TKYE8 Free in-game X rewards
CARNIVAL Free in-game X rewards



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