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AFK Arena Redeem Code for July 2022 – Free Gift Redemption Codes

Hello, my friends! Here you can find AFK Arena Redeem Code for July 2022 – Free Gift Redemption Codes. Below you can find information about the game and then the codes that you are looking for. Thanks for visiting our website!

Game Name AFK Arena
Publisher Lilith Games, Original Entertainment
Years 2022
Article category Redeem Codes
Gift codes benefits Get Free Diamonds, gems, gold, character, Hero Coins, Hero EXP, Soulstone, elite hero, labyrinth tokens codes, Skins, Many in-game shop rewards
Redeem code date 7-July-2022
Code Status Currently Working
Redemption website
official website
AFK Arena Codes  Rewards
Brutus2022 Redeem for 300 Diamonds & 300,000 Gold (NEW)
NISHUNEN Redeem for 10 Stargazers, 2,000 Diamonds, 10 Scrolls, and 10 Faction Scrolls (NEW)
kayd7grgvi Redeem for free rewards
k9k8wjc438 Redeem for free rewards
jrz8r5xe5c Redeem for free rewards
J9v5yeqm76 Redeem for 600 Diamonds, 20x Elite Hero Soulstones, Gold, EXP & Hero’s Essence
j54umuazyy Redeem for free rewards
j5mjxtdpia Redeem for free rewards
ithg8qup87 Redeem for 10 Time Emblems
iybkiwausg Redeem for 500 Diamonds
LORDDREAF Redeem for free rewards
jinsuo666 Redeem for 500 Diamonds and Basic Hero Resources
i4musq8dr6 Redeem for 1,000 Diamonds & 10 Summon Scrolls
i43a5pk3jw Redeem for  60 Elite Soulstones, 600 Diamonds, 24 Hours of Gold
i4hhzxxvj7 Redeem for 120 Rare Hero Soulstones, 60 Elite Hero Soulstones, XP & Dust Chests
zq6apizmr6 Redeem for 300 Diamonds, 30 Elite Hero Soulstones
AFKDLWNSUS Redeem for 300 Diamonds / 30 Elite Hero Soulstone
AFK2022 Redeem for 10x Time Emblem, 10x Common Hero Scrolls, 10x Stargazer Scrolls, 888x Diamonds, 8888x Lab Coins, 8888x Hero Coins
x7vxbnice7 Redeem for Earn 20 Elite Soulstones and 300 Diamonds
Happy2022 Redeem for 50x Faction Scrolls
y9khdntp3v Redeem for 1000K Gold, 60x Rare Hero Soulstones
MILLIONLIKES Redeem for Radio Emote
y9ntv77jvf Redeem for 1000x Hero’s Essence, 120x Rare Hero Soulstones, 30x Elite Hero Soulstones
y9ijrcnfsw Redeem for 10x Common Hero Scrolls, 90x Elite Hero Soulstones, 5x 8 Hour Gold/EXP/Essence
yazyax56rz Redeem for 300 Diamonds and 20 Elite Hero Soulstones
talene2022 Redeem for 300 Diamonds and 300K Gold
UF4SHQJNGQ Redeem for 30 Common Hero Scrolls
WFMH5N68WT Redeem for 200 Diamonds and 200,000 Gold
AFK888 Redeem for 300 Diamonds, 20,000 Gold, and 100 Hero’s Essence
MISEVJ66YI Redeem for 60 Rare Hero Soulstones, 500 Diamonds, and five Common Hero Scrolls

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