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Where is Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest?

On this page you will be able to find the answer for: Where is Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest? This is a very entertaining trivia question of the day and the correct solution is as following:

Where is Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest?

ANSWER: British Columbia

Stretching nearly 250 miles along the north and central coast of British Columbia, the Great Bear Rainforest encompasses about 21 million acres of remote islands, rugged mountains, and spectacular fjords. It’s one of the largest remaining coastal temperate rainforests in the world, sometimes referred to as “the Amazon of the North.” The area is home to a diverse set of wildlife — coastal gray wolves, grizzly bears, Sitka deer, and orcas — but its name comes from the Kermode bear, or spirit bear, a very rare subspecies of the black bear. Spirit Bears are an off-white color, and they’re found only in this rainforest. It’s estimated that there are just 50 to 100 spirit bears in existence. Although difficult to spot the spirit bear, one of the best times to try is from late August to mid-October, when salmon return to the local rivers.


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