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Girl (8) Gives Birthday Money to Slain Officer's Family


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When 7 year old Arden Capizola made up her birthday gift list, she told family & friends that instead of toys, games, or other presents, for her 8th birthday she wanted cold hard cash. The cash she intended to give to the family of Sgt. Chris Reyka(51), a Broward County Sheriff's Office deputy who was killed by a gunman August 10 as he was looking for stolen vhicles behind a drug store. Someone got out of a white car & fired at least 5 shots at him before fleeing. The suspect is still unidentified & still being sought.

Arden raised $1,110 for Reyka's family, who are neighbors in Wellington in Palm Beach County.

For the full story: Girl, 8, Gives $1,100 to Slain Deputy's Family.

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