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Episcopal Bishops Reject Anglican Communion Orders


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In the latest step toward full rejection of international Anglican Communion (AC) oversight, the House of Bishops of the American branch, the Episcopal Church of the United States (ECUSA) has passed 3 resolutions rejecting the authority of the AC in directing the ECUSA to refrain from consecrating any more active homosexual bishops or regularizing same-sex union blessings. The AC, which represents nearly 80 million congregants in nearly 50 national bodies, is far more conservative than the ECUSA, which consecrated an active homosexual bishop, V. Gene Robinson in 2005, and elected Dr. Katherine Jefferts Schori as its presiding bishop in 2007. Jefferts Schori supported Robinson's consecration, affirms the ecclesiastical legitimacy of same-sex unions, & affirms advancing active homosexuals in positions of ECUSA leadership.

At the recent meeting of international bishops in Africa, the primates concurred in ordering the ECUSA to refrain from further actions separating the ECUSA from the rest of the AC, & asking for dialog & negotiation to repair the rift & accommodate US congregations that felt they could not be represented by the current ECUSA heirarchy because of its more liberal views & actions.

The House of Bishops has asked for an emergency meeting with Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, who presides over the AC. The House of Bishops resolutions expressed their desire to remain a part of the AC, their belief that the only authority to refraim the disputed actions must come from the annual ECUSA General Convention & therefore cannot be granted by the House of Bishops, & specifically declines to submit to the primate directive issued from Africa.

For the full story: Episcopal Church House of Bishops Rejects Primates' Ultimatum.

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II Timothy 2:24-26