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Documentary Provides Resurrection Argument & Evidence


Cults, Religions, and Faith Traditions

On the heels of the Discovery Channel's controversial Lost Tomb of Jesus documentary, a new documentary from the conservative Grizzly Adams Production Company (GAPC), The Fabric of Time presents a positive case for the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave. GAPC is known for producing "family" oriented entertainment on conservative Christian issues such as the end times & stories of faith & courage. The new GAPC DVD provides approximately 120 minutes of information on the evidence for the resurrection, including interviews with scholars, a chronicle of the different kinds of historical evidence available (eyewitness testimony, etc.), & even a tie-in to the controversial Shroud of Turin, which some scholars say could be the burial cloth that had been around Jesus' body when he was resurrected & which still bears traces of evidence from the actual event.

Scholar Dr. Gary Habermas, Distinguished Research Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy and Theology, at Liberty University, is quoted extensively in the documentary. He says, "There is growing proof that the events depicted in the Gospel accounts are true, with more evidence being revealed regularly, thanks to modern research, analylsis & scientific advances." He continues, "Science, combined with written descriptions, by non-Christians, of the events of Jesus' life & death, maike it clear that Christian beliefs are grounded in fact."

The Fabrice of Time is available from the GAPC website.

For the full story: New Documentary Aims to Prove Christ's Resurrection.

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