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British Woman Sues for Right to Die


Values, Ethics, & Culture

A 30 year old British woman who suffers from a complication of painful conditions & whose doctor has said has less than a year to live has applied for a court order to force her doctors to comply with her wishes to end her life immediately. Kelly Taylor, supported by her husband, Richard, wants her doctors to sedate her to a coma-like condition & then withhold food & water from her until she dies. Her doctors have refused, saying to do so would be to directly & deliberately take her life. Taylor's lawyers had their first hearing before the High Court in London yesterday. Taylor is arguing that the European Convention on Human Rights supports her by banning "inhuman or degrading treatment." She says it would be degrading & painful to let her condition run its course.

Last year Taylor attempted to starve herself, but found it too painful. She also investigated using controversial Swiss clinics which offer assisted suicide, but was concerned with the legal risk it would bring her husband & then she became too ill to travel by plane.

Catholic ethicist Jason T. Eberl, commenting on terminal human suffering, has noted, "Suffering as it were contains a special call to the virtue which man must exercise on his own part. And this is the virtue of perseverance in bearing whatever disturbs and causes harm. In doing this, the individual unleashes hope, which maintains in him the conviction that suffering will not get the better of him, that it will not deprive him of his dignity as a human being, a dignity linked to awareness of the meaning of life" (Recognizing the Value of Human Suffering in Caring for Terminally Ill Patients).

For the full story: Dying Is My Human Right, Says Woman Bidding to End Her Life.

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