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Cheating Among Students Rampant, Survey Says


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According to a recent report from Brigham Young University (BYU), the university of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) (LDS), students in an increasingly technologically sophisticated academic world are finding cheating easier & more enticing than ever before.

According to the report, while traditional means of cheating on tests are still used, the advent of I-Pods, Bluetooths, picture taking cell phones, & other technology have made cheating far more sophisticated & hard to prevent or detect.

BYU's Testing Center has required students to turn off their electronic devices & use only scratch paper inspected & stamped by the Center. The Center also uses proctors who continually pace the rows of test-taking students, & are in the process of installing security cameras.

Students interviewed for the report said that a variety of factors motivated cheating, including laziness, a desire to be liked (letting others cheat from your own work), a the fierce competition that arises for choice programs & scholarships.

For the full story: Tech-Savvy Generation Tempted to Cheat.

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Cheating Among Students Rampant, Survey Says
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Cheating Among Students Rampant, Survey Says
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Cheating Among Students Rampant, Survey Says
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Cheating Among Students Rampant, Survey Says
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