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Religious Singles More Likely to Have Unprotected Sex, Says Survey


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According to a study conducted by York University (YU) in Toronto, Canada, sexually active single college students who were Catholic, Protestant, or Jewish were more likely to engage in sexual intercourse without protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases than were non-religious students.

The study of 500 YU students was directed by YU professor Dr. Trevor Hart, a clinical psychologist. Although the religious students were more apt not to use protection, they were not more sexually active in general than non-religious students. The survey did not discover the motivations behind the differences in choices, however.

Addressing the XVI International AIDS Conference in Toronto, Dr. Hart advised, "Religion’s a hot topic, but if there’s an elephant in the room, we’d better address it. We have religious diversity – not just ethnic diversity – and we have to pay attention to it unless we want to pretend everybody in Toronto is not religious,” says Hart. “The good thing about these findings is if people are members of a religious community, religious leaders can guide their members to reduce their HIV risk. It is logistically more difficult to reach non-religious people with HIV-prevention messages.”

The survey also addressed rates among immigrant & non-immigrant student groups & each group's concerns about how they would be judged by their peers if it were discovered that they had submitted to AIDS testing.

For the full story: Study Says Religion a Factor in Unprotected Sex and Religion a predictor of risky sex among students, York prof says.

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