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19 Year Old Male Sells His Virginity to Highest Bidder


Answers In Action NewsA 19 year old college student in England is taking time out of his studies to pay a few bills by selling his virginity in an Internet auction. David Vardy, a student at Bournemouth University, says he will sell to the first woman who bids $11,000 or more. He says his preoccupation with his studies has prevented him from having any serious relationship, including sex: "I've always been wrapped up in [school] so I haven't had the time."

Vardy says he wants "serious bidders only, please -- and no stalkers or murderers." He says he's had 8 firm offers and will soon announce the winner. In addition to paying off his bills, he says he will give something to charity.

For the full story: Man, 19, Selling His Virginity.

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