AIA, Promise Keepers: An Answers In Action Summary Opinion

It is our opinion that the Promise Keepers Christian men's movement is an over-all Christian movement attempting to encourage Christian men to fulfill their biblical potential as individuals and as family members. We do not condemn the movement, and, in fact, encourage its leaders to continue modifying its content and presentation to achieve a more biblically complete and pure focus. However, there are several areas of concern that restrict us from an unqualified endorsement, and which we believe must be addressed and corrected by the Promise Keepers leadership. Additionally, there are some general concerns for any large, event-oriented movement.

Areas of Agreement

Areas of Disagreement

Areas of General Concern

While we do not without reservation endorse the Promise Keepers movement, we recognize that many Christian men who attend will be spiritually benefitted. We do have positive expectations for the movement as it matures. We will continue to review the movement and change our summary as necessary.

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